Monday, 28 January 2013

Pig It Yourself: Collar

Its a rare occasion when my outfit lacks a collar; like Blair Waldorf's hair band, a collar is arguably my signature accessory. Naturally. I couldn't resist making my own, just in case I ever- heaven forbid- buy a garment sans collar. And naturally, I had to share my little DIY with you...

1) Pester any male that you can get your hands on for an old shirt.

2) Hack the collar of the shirt off (as carefully as you are able). 

3) Dispose of the rest of the shirt however you see fit- I personally enjoy putting it back in the males wardrobe and watching their confusion unfold when they go to wear it...

4) Select your beads for decoration. The ones on my collar are pale pink bugle beads. Initially I wanted black ones to create a Roy Lichtenstein style collar but alas I did not have enough...not that I don't love my pink beads- happy mistakes and all that jazz.

5) With a needle and thread that matches your collar fabric colour sew the beads around the edge of your collar to accent the pointy bits (ever so technical). You can also continue all the way around if you wish or go completely crazy and cover the whole collar, after all it's your creation so see my instructions as guidelines rather than gospel.

6) Wear your collar and get ready to drown in a sea of compliment s.

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