Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pig It Yourself

Top: Tu at Sainsburys, Jeans: Marks and Spencers Limited Collection, Satchel: Simple Way
This isn't the most colour coordinated of my outfits however I just couldn't bear to leave my new satchel out of the loop. No one puts my satchel in the corner.

The fashion concious among you will be familiar with the likes of the Cambridge Satchel Company and Zatchels. For the fashion illiterate these are brands that trade solely on the foundation of old school satchels with modern make overs. The past year these modern make overs have consisted of neons, polka dots and metallics, all of which have helped shoot school satchels into the sartorial stratosphere.

Translation: I want one.

Problem: pennies.

Solution: Simple Way

You see, Cambridge satchels and Zatchels both come with quite hefty price tags (at least in my opinion- arguably the craftsmanship and quality justifies this) and so when my mum came across a cheaper version she did what any mother would do in this situation and turn it into my Christmas present. Woop!

Simple Way is a company that sells leather kits enabling you to sew your own bags. By boxing day my satchel was ready to use and -despite rather a lot of un-lady like grunting in production- be warned leather-work is hard on your trotters- so much fun to make I think they might be addictive...

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