Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sow Cool

Shirt: Warehouse, Jeans: Next, Boots: Clarks

I think that every girl has that one outfit that makes them feel a combination of effortlessly cool and ever so slightly bad ass. Well as as bad ass as someone who is contemplating buying Harry Potter themed jewellery from Etsy ever can be... I want a muggle born ring!

This utility shirt is truly perfect in every way, from the flowing fabric to the slightly wonky collar that just seems to work (my money is on voodoo magic). The negative? The only other colour that this shirt comes in is nude, nude being a highly unfortunate colour on me. Seriously, it makes me look like the walking dead and not in a sexy Twilight kind of way.

Consequently, I am currently clinging to the home that Warehouse will release this shirt in a new colour for this season as I'm pretty sure that this tactic is how all the high street stores operate nowadays. Thus I am torn between my desire for the high street to ave more originality and my desire for this shirt in every colour with the exception of nude. 

And maybe brown because that would just be weird.

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