Sunday, 25 November 2012

Funny Pig

Dress: Marks & Spencers Limited Collection, Boots: Clarks.
Fashion is a funny thing. Currently it's 2012 and I'm dressing more appropriately for the 1960s. Does this mean that in 50 years from now I'll be ready to embrace disco pants, studs and other 2012 fashion scenarios that nowadays make me quake with fear? My 71 year old self will be a scary sight indeed.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Hogtor Who

Coat: Joy, Bag: Nica, Tights: Marks and  Spencers, Boots: Bertie via TK Maxx

I realise that long hiatuses from blogging are very much frowned upon however I do have a pretty concrete excuse, even if I do say so myself: I travelled back in time to the sixties. 

Did the swing coat give it away? Or perhaps my velvet Chelsea boots? Either way I think you'll have to agree that my ability to blend into my surrounding era is quite marvellous. Doctor Who has got nothing on this pig.