Sunday, 22 July 2012

Britain's Next Top Pig

Dress: Next, Shoes: Clarks

Years ago the Next sale used to be the highlight of my shopping calender. My mum and I would go through every rail in a methodical motion to ensure that both our wish lists got completed for a fraction of the price. This was at a time when I loved nothing better than going through the Next directory in a selection ritual, marking my desires and wants with a little Biro star and a folded page. Once selected the wish list was formed and the sale anticipation began. This year however what with being at uni and working at Oasis my trips home have been rare and the chance to labour over the glossy pages of the Next directory even rarer. As a result I faced this years Next sale wish list less. And what a lovely experience it was!

You see, having no knowledge of the stock (for most shops I am a walking, snorting encyclopaedia) that I was about to face left me experiencing the sale as if it was a collection that had just launched, albeit a very chaotic and reduced collection. This also meant that instead of leaving laden with an abundance of clothing that fulfilled my wish list I just left with this lovely retro broderie anglais shirt dress. Adorable just isn't the word.

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