Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pigging Out

Dress: Oasis, Clutch: Vintage (aka stolen of my mum), Shoes: Next

I'm back! Did you miss me? 

These past few weeks have been kind of stressful as I've had exams- boo! I'm so glad that they're now over- not that the stress has ended mind you as I'm still trying to find a placement for my year out. At this rate it looks like I'm just going in to third year which just isn't what I want. I'll trade cookies for placement.

Anyway, enough of my fashion student problems, lets divert our attention to my gorgeous new dress that I wore out to celebrate the  end of my exams. Recently at work a new collection has arrived that is inspired by a book about vintage scarves by Nicky Albrechtsen. I was lucky enough to be allowed this dress on uniform so it didn't cost me that much however I do think that the £75 price tag is still in keeping with normal Oasis clothing prices, especially considering that all the garments are 100% silk.

When wearing the dress at work I just wear my black Zara boots and black tights as I think the dress speaks for itself and I don't want to over complicate it. Likewise when I went out in Manchester I just wore it with my trusty wedges which my mum got in the Next sale many years ago when GCSEs were my main worry in life and added my trusty clutch which was also stolen off my mum. It may just be all the CSI episodes that I've been watching but I think I'm detecting a pattern...

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