Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hogging 9 till 5

purple necklace: Accessorize,turquoise necklace: Warehouse, the rest:Oasis 

I wouldn't want you to think that I just swan around all day and have my clothes handed to me in a golden trough as that's in no way what I do and, more than likely, no way what you do. In order to fund my ever expanding wardrobe I have a job as a sales assistant at Oasis. As part of the job I have to wear Oasis clothing which means that I'm always getting gorgeous pieces to add to my wardrobe- a definite perk (or should that be pork..?) to the job! Take this tropical print jacket- it was love at first sight! The only problem is that when i'm meant to be working I cant help but imagine myself on a beach in Hawaii sipping cocktails in the sun!I'm such a daydreamer!

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  1. Lovely post!! The outfit is so pretty! :)

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