Thursday, 19 September 2013

Trend 101: Tartan

I really wanted to share with you the amazing retro Marks and Spencer television advert that I've just seen whilst catching up on  'Robert Peston Goes Shopping' but, alas, I am unable to unearth the spectacle on Youtube. In short it contained a lot of dancing and tartans (obviously this only skims the surface of its genius). To make up for the distinctly lacking video I thought I'd share my favourite tartan pieces currently on the great British High Street. Be warned though, this post will undoubtedly make you spend money...
1. This delightful dress comes courtesy of  Marks and Spencers- the source of my current tartan infatuation. Its nice to see tartan used in a way that isn't cliche to its punk heritage. The beady-eyed among you will hopefully have noticed that a lot of the pieces I have chosen fall into this category. I think that the key thing to remember with tartan this season is that its less about punk and more about wearability. If people look at you and think you're missing a mohawk then you're doing it wrong.

2. This bag from Topshop is in the same tartan as a pair of trousers I own. I'm not sure where I stand on tartan on tartan. Is it like double denim where only the brave (and supermodels) can escape unscathed? I fear tartan on tartan may sadly be questionable. A cute satchel nonetheless.

3. Not sure whether you want to commit to tartan? Look no further than Warehouse and their faded tartan shirt. Its a tartan shirt without the whole 'ooo look at me, I'm wearing a tartan shirt' debacle. If like me you spend your life avoiding making decisions then this is the shirt for you (winks at camera). Plus it has really cool zips on it. 

 4. Tartan = punk = Dr Martens. Enough said really.

5. An easy way to buy into any pattern related trend is the humble scarf. I think that scarves are particularly useful (aside from neck warmth) if you have a job where a uniform or a more conservative look is required. Just think, whilst commuting to work in your scrubs you can still show the world that you know what's happenin' in the world of fashion- jealous Mr. Bus Driver? Oh yeah, it's from  Accessorize.

6. If there's one shop thats going to come up trumps season after season it's Zara. This coat is surely evidence enough of that. It just looks so cosy! Paired with some brogues and some artfully tousled hair, it'll be hard not to mistake you for the heroine of a romantic comedy. Think Rachel McAdams in About Time (highly recommended film) or Anne Hathaway in One Day (highly unrecommended film). 

7. Next up (see what I did there?) is this lovely sheer tartan shirt in pastel colours. This shirt has my Nanna's seal of approval. If that doesn't sell it to you then quite frankly I'm not sure what will.

8. I love my tartan trousers from Oasis that I found in the sale for a bargain of £15, however as is du jour with sale things they are no longer available. Instead, I have found these virtually identical ones from River Island just incase the mood to dress the same as me ever carries you... Halloween outfit maybe?

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