Saturday, 25 May 2013

Awkward Pig

Coat, Jeans & Shirt: Next, Necklace: Oasis, Boots: Clarks, Bag: Nica via TK Maxx, Shopper: Liberty for Comic Relief

When I'm not pretending to be a pig (psycho-analyse that all you want) I quite enjoy standing awkwardly in vintage markets while people take my photo. It's a niche hobby in league with paper quilling and collecting stuffed animals.

On a more helpful note I have spotted this Nica bag in back in TK Maxx recently. I've seen it in a mustard and a navy, so if you want to help me start a trend feel free to rush to your local TK (I shop there so much that we're on first name terms) and bag yourself a bag. We can be bag twins and your quality of life will drastically improve. Fact.

NB/ No, I do not work for TK Maxx, I just enjoy spouting inconsequential rubbish.

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