Monday, 3 September 2012

The Hog Princess

Dress: Oasis, Belt: Oasis
Sometimes I think you can tell that I was raised on Disney films. This dress for instance just screams Disney princess. Can't see it? Well, let me just refer you to the official Disney Princess Dress-code Check-list:

1) Colour must be suitably feminine. Pink or purple are preferable, however  blue is acceptable so long as it falls into the shades of aqua, bluebell or baby.

2) A floaty silhouette is a must. The more you look like you are an ethereal creature that could at any moment float up into the heavens, the better.

3) Trimmings should be delicate. Lace and embroidery should not be too distracting. Over the top decoration is best left to ugly sisters who need the distraction.

4) Accessorising? Take inspiration from fairy dust and opt for glittery belts, bags, shoes, pumpkins. The more glitter the more dazzled your love interest will be.

Told you so. Now where did I leave my Prince Charming?

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